In the first of our ‘meet the team’ series,  we catch up with our Senior CAD Technician Rob, who tells us a bit about his career to date – and a few hidden talents too!                                                                                       

Tell us about your role here

I’m a Senior CAD Technician here at BP. I work closely with our Engineers and create detailed,  3D digital models and 2D drawings to communicate our designs to other stakeholders and clients.

Tell us about your goals when you joined here

When I joined the company back in 2016,  I was undecided about pursuing further education towards becoming an Engineer or continuing on my path as a Technician. It was important to me that the company was ambitious and would support me in my development.

Tell us a bit about your background before joining

As part of the New Horizons apprenticeship scheme, I was offered a role at Scott-White & Hookins in Winchester (my first drawings were hand-drawn, to provide a clue as to how long ago that was!). After relocating to Birmingham I worked for Oscar Faber (now part of Aecom) and WSP.  After an extended sabbatical, seeing a bit of the world, I returned to the UK, settled in Coventry, and joined the Bridges Pound team.

What training and development have you had?

Upon joining the company I expressed an interest in learning RC detailing, and within months was enrolled on a course. Bridges Pound has always been open to exploring new training opportunities, and it was here that my interest in Revit was really nurtured, at a time when the software was quite new. I attended a course with Coventry University to develop my skills, and Revit is now a key part of our drawing production across the business.

Even after a decade of employment with the company, I was supported in my ambitions as I undertook a HNC in Civil Engineering, with a view toward an Engineering degree. I was pleased to be nominated by the head of department for the West Midlands ICE Technician of the Year but decided that I was best suited to the role of a CAD technician.

How would you describe working here?

The first thing you’ll notice is that there is always laughter in our office.

Working for Bridges Pound is all about nurturing your skills, collaborating with brilliant colleagues and offering a quality service. It’s more than just a business to the directors, and it’s more than just a job to the employees. It is the only company I hope to work for until I retire.

What do you like about what we do?

Weekly resource meetings, open discussions around the whiteboard, and regular activity days are just a few examples of how the company does a great job of creating an inclusive environment. It is a bit of a cliché, but we are a real work family!

What’s the best part of working here?

We are a progressive company that benefits from fantastic leadership. The work is varied and interesting, and everyone feels valued in our efforts to drive the business forward.

How do you like to spend your spare time?

I’m a keen Lego enthusiast, and also enjoy watching sports. I like to cook and spend time with my family.

Tell us something that we wouldn’t know about you

I’m a professional ballroom dance instructor, a trained croupier and a qualified pyrotechnician.