On World Safety & Health at Work Day we are proud to say that the welfare of our team, is paramount to all we do. Not only do we operate well beyond industry norms in supporting our staff through difficulties as we recognise they are the most important asset we have as a business.

Likewise, out in the field, our commitment to safety runs through everything we do.

Working for Contractors in Temporary Works gives us a real insight into how not to design with Safety in Mind.  Some of our fellow Engineers still think that they can leave it all down to the Contractor and that the H&S Credentials of a building should be their responsibility. We firmly believe that a full and thorough assessment needs to be made at the initial design stage to design out future risks, something that we see is improving but there is still a way to go in the industry.

As a specialist engineering consultancy providing civil and structural design services, we take our health and safety duties as a Designer under the CDM Regulations 2015 extremely seriously.

At all stages of a project, we continually review risks associated with our design solutions and detail any remaining residual risks with detailed drawings for our clients. Our collaborative approach means we work closely with our fellow construction professionals to ensure our designs are safe, durable, efficient, and most important of all, buildable. 

We have extensive experience of working alongside Contractors in various roles; as part of a client-led design team, as a retained consultant on a design and build basis, as a temporary works specialist and as a specialist designer for sub-contractor designed elements such as offsite, bespoke steelwork connections, cladding fixings and foundation designs for piling contractors.  This means we are experienced in a wide range of construction activities and have the expertise to develop safe and effective solutions from a contractor perspective and not only a design led perspective.