I am the office manager and accounts lead here at Bridges Pound. As an office manager I have lots of variety in responsibilities from looking after the office building to keeping the staff happy which is probably the most important part of my job. I have contact with all the stakeholders of the company from clients to directors and admin to engineers! I also hold the role of accounts lead which means I get to crunch the company numbers and help look after the finances.

Tell us about your goals when you joined here

I joined the company in September 2020. I had qualified as an advanced bookkeeper, and I hold accreditation as a member of the International Association of Bookkeepers (MIAB). I wanted a position where I could use my qualifications and grow my knowledge base and experience.

Tell us a bit about your background before joining

I had been a ‘stop at home’ mum for 12 years while gaining my qualifications via distance learning. I briefly retuned to the workplace in September 2019 and worked in reprographics for a solicitor’s firm. When the first COVID lockdown happened, I had to return to my stop at home mum role as trying to home school 5 children was a full-time job.

What training and development have you had?

I initially started with Bridges Pound as an accounts administrative assistant and was very quickly promoted to my current position. Bridges Pound encouraged and nurtured my skills and talents and moved me into a role where I can continue to progress and grow. All the staff throughout the business have helped with my career progression and development by helping me learn the business from the bottom up.

How would you describe working here?

The two directors work hard to promote an inclusive environment. Every member of staff is listened to and important. I feel valued, cared for and respected. I could happily work here forever. I look forward to coming to work and my colleagues feel like a second family to me. The bonds we have all formed as a team are cemented with our many company away days and I know these many relationships are encouraged, nurtured, and valued by all.

What do you like about what we do?

I respect just how much as a company we are client focused. Every member of staff puts the client first throughout the company. We build great working and long-lasting relationships with our clients. A lot of the time when our clients move to different employers, they take us with them which is the best compliment we could have.

What’s the best part of working here?

The variety of my job, the freedom to do my job and the people that I work with. The directors are some of the most supportive, caring, and knowledgeable people that I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

How do you like to spend your spare time?

Ha! This had to be the most difficult question to answer, see above where I had stated that I had 5 Children! If I get the chance I love to escape to the great outdoors in my caravan.

Tell us something that we wouldn’t know about you

I am a keen for DIY and upcycling furniture. I’m happy when I get let loose with the power tools.