Client:  Blu & Sir Robert McAlpine

Scheme:  21 Moorfields

Location:  London

Value:  £100m

Duration:  50 weeks on site

Scope:  470 square foot of office space

This two-phase scheme saw us deliver temporary works designs, in a highly congested area without causing any disruption. The offices have now become the London headquarters for Deutsche Bank. The new structure sits atop a complicated series of piles and steel trusses spanning Moorgate station and a new Crossrail ticket hall. 

The building was constructed using a highly technical steel frame set on enormous transfer trusses spanning 60m across the underground station beneath – all to protect the station from the loads of the building. This means that the frame has to be constructed in a very specific sequence to make the structure as a whole work safely. And it also means that the whole building will experience a lot of movement as the trusses expand and contract with the changing temperatures outside, calling for careful specialist design and true engineering excellence.

The fac¸ade presented another significant challenge. It features 24 different fac¸ade types which made it essential for the project team to coordinate the delivery with extra consideration.

Innovative design and impeccable logistics were required throughout in order to protect the thousands of commuters using Moorgate station every day. We completed 20+ temporary works designs and were onsite regularly in order to remain ‘hands-on’ throughout the duration of the project.

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"The sheer complexity of building this project in such restricted space, right above a live Underground Station, makes it an engineer’s dream. It is also testament to the exceptional collaborative culture at the heart of the entire project team, whose commitment to engineering excellence has been evidenced throughout".

Alison Cox
MD - Sir Robert McAlpine